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Members Christmas Cards 2022
Refresh your screen to make sure you see cards added since you last looked (press F5 or the curly arrow on the address bar).
Just click on any card to expand it and scroll through the rest.

On a phone you will need to click Show More at the bottom of the gallery to see all the cards.
Carole Kain

I would like to wish you and your family a lovely Christmas. I hope you all have a very festive time and best wishes for 2023, Carole K xx

Catherine Latham
Penny Littlewood

Ho, Ho, Ho, Penny x

Ruth Thompson

Very happy Christmas to all our honley ladies, Ruth xxx

Tania Szoradi

Happy Christmas to all you lovely ladies. Thank you for welcoming myself, my daughter Megan and her friend Emma to the Choir this year. Have a lovely Christmas and A Happy New Year, Tania xx

Lisa Bass

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all HLC ladies. Have a wonderful time, Lisa x

Christine Rolls
Joy Bray

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year. With love, Joy xx

Christine Smith

Happy Christmas to all the choir members! Looking forward to seeing you all again in the anew Year. I hope the concerts go well. Sorry I shall miss them. Xx

Avril Carrick

Merry Christmas, Avril & Bob xx

Denise Winterbottom

Merry Christmas ladies, Denise x

Angie McPherson

Wishing all at HLC a very happy Christmas. Best wishes from Angie x

Carole Hetherington
Di Schofield

Love from Di x

June Tracey

Happy Christmas, Best Wishes June & Rob x

Jenny Kershaw
Jo Sykes

From Jo Sykes

Lynn Brooks
Jane Robertson

Happy Christmas to you all! Sheelagh x

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