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On Saturday 4th October 2025, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Honley Ladies Choir will be travelling the M62 from east to west raising awareness of breast cancer, and using music to bring together communities,  that have experienced the impact of breast cancer, in support and encouragement. We will be collaborating with charities local to Hull, Manchester and Liverpool, supporting their fund raising and awareness raising efforts with our Big Booby Dooby Sings in public places. The day will culminate with a massive concert in a well known Liverpool location, hopefully supported by well known names. We will be inviting to each event choirs local to each city to join us either in their local venue and /or travel with us during the whole day and sing with us at the concert in the evening.

There will also be a launch reception event at a central venue in Huddersfield on Thursday 2nd October 2025, in the evening, to which we will be inviting our sponsors, local healthcare teams, local choirs and anyone who has directly or indirectly experienced breast cancer to join with us in singing, fund raising, and launching the event.
At each stage we will be singing a couple of songs especially written for this event by Richard Sykes, and other well known songs that members of the public might want to join in. As well as joining in with the charities in raising awareness of Breast Cancer, as a choir, we will promoting the numerous benefits of singing together in improving health and well being, and giving each other support and encouragement – something we all experience week in and week out as we meet to practice, learn and sing together.

More information can be found on the Abreast M62 website here
More information will be added as plans are confirmed.
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