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4. Count the Stars
We really are missing you all. Settle down with a box of tissues and immerse yourself in our latest creation ...
3. Lockdown Jazz
This time when Emily suggested we do another video we've become such old pros we just got on with it. Kat wrote some new words to one of our favourite songs, we charged up our smartphones and performed to Jane's funky backing track, and Emily mixed all the recordings, videos and photos. This is guaranteed to cheer you up - watch right to the end!
2. More from Lockdown
During a recent Virtual Rehearsal Emily chirped in 'I've had a great idea - let's do a virtual performance!'. Cue much eye-rolling, followed by a couple of weeks of hair-tearing as we all got to grips with isolated recording. Here is the end result, and we're sure you'll agree she did a terrific job pulling it all together. 
1. Coronavirus Lockdown
We’ve been very quiet recently - we haven’t got much to add to all the excellent messages that other people are sharing but we’ve quietly cancelled concerts and promised to reschedule when the world begins to turn again.
We’ve had virtual rehearsals to stay connected and enjoyed catching up with friends via video calls and our members’ group. Throughout it all, we’ve thought of each other and the support for one another has been there. Some of the choir are key workers, working in the many roles that support other people, some are volunteers and some are doing their bit by staying home. All of it matters. But here’s something from our Collabro concert which seems to fit our current mood and shows our support for the NHS
A reminder of our concert with Collabro
Collabro prog cover
Emily and Jane

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