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A reminder of the Collabro concert
Christmas 2020

Thank you all for following our Christmas Cheer Collection; we wish you a happy and safe Christmas followed by a new, improved 2021 when we will be able to entertain you live once again!

HLC Baubles.jpg

The Encore!!!

Santa is allowed to cross between tiers so, don't worry, he will reach all of us this Christmas - fingers crossed he has avoided too many mince pies!

Squeezin thumbnail.jpg

No matter what Covid does to disrupt plans, we still have the prospect of a reassuring visit from Santa. This is guaranteed to put the smile back on your face!

Here Comes Santa Claus thumbnail.jpg

In total contrast we present a rousing French carol celebrating the visit of the Three Kings to honour the baby Jesus.

Sing We Now thumbnail.jpg

This one is for the grownups – Honley Ladies have morphed into the Andrews Sisters for a festive take on an old classic

Dont sit under thumbnail.jpg

All pretence of subtlety has gone out of the window and we’ve gone for full schmaltz. Conjure up the tastes and smells of all those Christmas goodies without the hint of a single calorie!

Candy Cane Lane thumbnail.jpg

Bells are the sound of Christmas whether ding-donging on high or jingling on Santa's sleigh. Here is a selection to remind you we'll be hearing them soon.

Bells of Christmas thumbnail.jpg

As if on cue it’s been snowing all day so here’s a bit of unapologetic nostalgia for how Christmases ought to be. Settle down with a warming drink and immerse yourself, but if you’re allergic to cheesy look away now!

Most Wonderful Time.jpg
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